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As seen at
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Toy Fair 2018

A digital money box
for kids aged 5+
Money Monsters

Helping children to save and spend wisely in the digital world

Money Monsters is a modern day piggy bank designed to help kids understand the concept of digital money in our increasingly cashless society.

The monster is a physical object linked to a secure account with a debit card, providing a safe way to learn about using real money without handling coins and notes.

Parents put money into the Money Monster using an app and the child sees their monster’s eyes light up and a message appear on the display, encouraging them to keep saving or spend wisely.

Fun saving

The child’s Money Monster lives at home, a bit like an old fashioned piggy bank.

Smart giving

Parents can put money in with the app, whether at home, work, abroad, or on the moon.

Safe spending

The child can spend his or her savings with the special card, controlled by the parents.

We’re working hard to get Money Monsters ready for launch!

Register now to be among the first to know when our coin-free, hi-tech critters are available to buy. They’ll connect to a Santander account and will cost around £30. We’re hoping to have the first three Money Monsters ready for action later this year!